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Bitlynx Technologies Inc. develops integrated VoIP solutions that allow carriers and service providers deploy comprehensive converged networks.

Bitlynx Technologies Inc. partners and customers include enterprises, telephone companies (TELCOs), next-generation telephony service providers (ITSPs), mobile equipment manufacturers, and internet service providers.

Our softphone solutions with voice encryption are specifically targetting wireless VoIP applications. Test-drive the softphone today.


  • The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an application-layer control (signalling) protocol for creating, modifying, and terminating sessions. more...
  • The 3GPP consortium defined the 3G IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) for enhanced services, and is based on SIP. more...
  • WiMAX is a wireless standard belonging to the IEEE 802.16 specification series. more...
  • MIMO is a space-time diversity techniques which exploits the channel dispersion. more...


"Wireless VoIP has the potential to reduce voice revenues collected by cellular operators while promoting new technologies such as wireless WiMAX." more...

"Wireless VoIP presents fixed operators, (wireless virtual network operators) and VoIP providers with opportunities to disrupt the mobile voice market." -- Analysys

"There is a definite interest from service providers as they have already seen the popularity and success of VoIP. Combine that with the world's growing interest with anything wireless and you're got a winning combination." -- Andrienne Low, Soma Networks

"The business case for WiMAX is adding voice. If you do data only, it's hard to justify build-outs. Voice is a natural application." -- Scott Wharton, Vice President Marketing, BroadSoft

Softphone Features  

  • SIP signalling
  • TLS, S/MIME & SRTP call encryption
  • Echo cancellation, automatic gain control & voice activity detection
  • QOS support (intserve, diffserve, 802.1p)
  • much more...

Microsoft Windows NetBSD


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Sigcomp is the IETF compression framework for encoding protocol headers.
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